Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3rd September

3rd September

NASTY; Sharkey Major, Hyper, Armour, Stormin & Dizzee Rascal
This is undoubtedly the biggest set today. Certainly the earliest set I've got on the site with Dizzee Rascal present, this is before any Roll Deep/PAUG connections, garage days. Hard to place the date exactly, the person the set came from is saying cusp of 1999/2000, could be slightly older but it's early anyway.
And very hype.

Durrty Doogz B2B Titch, 20 minutes

23/04/04, Boyz In Da Hood on Deja Vu

OT Crew Special (section soon come):

22/11/05, Glamma ft Devlin, Deeperman, Benson & Dogzilla

15/05/06, Glamma ft Devlin, Dogzilla & Trim

OT Crew on 1Xtra Pirate Sessions

Full Crew, 03/04/06

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