Saturday, February 7, 2009

8th February

8th February

Slew Dem, Matty D Dubplate Show, 2007

20th January : Slew Dem Volume One
You know what it is by now.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

8th January

Dizzee & Wiley Slewing Heartless Crew, DJ Wonder on Deck
Rarity in that you see Dizzee reaching for a beef that isn't Wiley or Titch I guess. Quality isn't 100% the whole way through but certainly worth the download and the most "rare" of the downloads today. Hold tight Wes.

29/01/06, Newham Generals, Esco & Dizzee Rascal
rapidshare only
This one has already been on the site, admittedly, but this is a rip from the Rinse studios, so the quality is literally as good as it can be. 320kbps. Hold tight phen yeah.

21/01/06, Spyro on Rinse
Spyro in the zone on this one, in truth. Last half hour is just out there. If you know Spyro you know to download this innit.

01/07/03, DJ Scratchy ft Newham Generals
A huge amount of lesser known dubs on this set in comparison to most sets around this time, and this is one of the new batch of Newhams/DEE sets coming onto the site over the next few updates. Quality is excellent.

20/03/05, Maximum B2B Karnage ft Wiley, Trim, Roachee, JME, Skepta, Manga & Breeze
The quality on this set isn't great (hold tight whoever ripped it at 24kbps), but it's a great set nonetheless. You should know that by the line-up really.

19/11/06, Slimzee on Rinse FM
Possibly the last time Slimzee was on Rinse? If there's anything later I'd like to know about it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

21st December

06/09/06; Matt Shadatek ft Jammer, Knuckles, Ears & Gully Rainjah

Monday, December 15, 2008

16th December 2008

Wiley & Slimzee, Christmas Practice Hours
Dodgy mic lead at times but don't watch that.

06/01/06, Plastician & Skepta

22/01/06, Tubby, Monkee & Footsie

03/10/06, Tubby & D Double E
Double spraying for 90 minutes or so, it's a lot. Most consistently heavy set I've posted in a while.

1st December : D Double E Vol 1
rapidshare or
3rd in the Series. It's D Double E for fuck's sake.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

23rd November

Unknown Date; Chronik, G-Man, Rage & Tempz

23/02/06, Rinse FM
No MCs, just a bag of unreleased tunes and that. It's sick. There's a bit of FM static but don't watch that. 40 minutes to 42 minutes is left in this for comedy effect.

Friday, November 14, 2008

15th November

15th November

Dj Petchy, Scoobee & Ani - 102.4fm Crews Control

Ruff Sqwad - Shifty, Dirty, Rapid, Slix + Demon, Jookie Mundoo, Stamina Boy

Roll Deep with Mucky Wolfpack & more - Wiley, Flowdan, Gods Gift, Stamina Boy, Jamakabi, Tinchy Stryder, All in One, J2K, Trooper, Discarda, Triple Threat

11th November Wiley, Volume One or rapidshare
Same principle as Wheel Volume One, but this one is all Wiley. More information on

Monday, November 10, 2008

11th November Wiley, Volume One or rapidshare
Same principle as Wheel Volume One, but this one is all Wiley. More information at