Saturday, September 6, 2008

5 & 6th September

6th September

Unknown Date; Slimzee ft Wiley, Dizzee, Breeze, God's Gift & Flowdan
90 mins of these five on mic, Flowdan & Breeze coming in a little late. It's sick, as you can imagine. Definitely worth the download; set's fucking large. When "Ho" was still a dubplate.

Jammer's Birthday Bash
Don't know why this set isn't already on the site to be honest. If you don't have it, get it. Mac10 on decks, ft Wiley, Dizzee, D Double E, Doogz, Esco, everyone basically. An oversight on my part that it's took so long to get here.

5th September

Unknown Date; Dizzee & Wiley

The longest and best quality Wiley & Dizzee set on the site now, basically right around the time Ruff Sqwad's Tingz In Boots started coming through. This is a brilliant set, actually. Can't recommend it highly enough. It's a Deja Set and they end up on Jungle in the middle for fuck's sake.
They drop into some American rap near the end but don't kid yourself that this is the end of it because it isn't.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

4th September

24/12/00, Pay As You Go Cartel & D Double E
"Easy my mumzy locked in"
90 odd minutes, full crew, slips into Jungle at one point as well. Big set with a little radio crackle but great quality otherwise. Obviously with that line-up, this is worth the download.
Back to 2002/2003 tomorrow.

3rd September

3rd September

NASTY; Sharkey Major, Hyper, Armour, Stormin & Dizzee Rascal
This is undoubtedly the biggest set today. Certainly the earliest set I've got on the site with Dizzee Rascal present, this is before any Roll Deep/PAUG connections, garage days. Hard to place the date exactly, the person the set came from is saying cusp of 1999/2000, could be slightly older but it's early anyway.
And very hype.

Durrty Doogz B2B Titch, 20 minutes

23/04/04, Boyz In Da Hood on Deja Vu

OT Crew Special (section soon come):

22/11/05, Glamma ft Devlin, Deeperman, Benson & Dogzilla

15/05/06, Glamma ft Devlin, Dogzilla & Trim

OT Crew on 1Xtra Pirate Sessions

Full Crew, 03/04/06

1st September / 31st August

1st September

16/11/03, Slimzee Dubplate Special
No MCs, just Slimzee dropping his biggest dubplates from '99 to '03. It's a big set, some little heard rarities, refixes of the biggest tunes, just download it innit.

10/08/03, Slimzee & Wiley on Rinse
Straight shower set, just an hour of Will spitting Slimzee dubplates including a couple of really weird ones, things you won't hear anywhere else on this site for definite.

Straight Gully Show, Crazy Titch Vs Bruza
The second clash, I don't have the first at the moment though. All the same, this is full of hype.

04/10/03, Leona H ft Ruff Sqwad & Remand Crew, Rinse FM

31st August

15/12/02, Slimzee & Dizzee, Rinse FM
Slimzee alone for 25, then Dizzee spitting for an hour or so on a load of heavy dubplates and that.