Thursday, October 30, 2008

30th October

Been slacking a bit. A lot of "new" shit over the next couple of days.

2004, Rossi B & Luca
Not that long a set in truth. Arse end of the tape job. Good though.

22/08/04, Slimzee on Rinse
One of the sunday afternoon shows. Just over 70 minutes, quality's really good.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

15th October

Some "minor" names today. Sets are big anyway.

03/02/04, Scream Squad & Combinations on Heat FM

23/02/04, Gunja Fam & Rattle Pack on Heat FM

'2005, Marsta ft En.I, Speedos & Vapour B

Monday, October 13, 2008

13th October

13th October : Wheel, Vol 1
This is a compilation of minor incidents from the site made to flow like an album. More information in this post from butterz.

03/06/04, Total Package on Raw Blaze

Big set still, some little heard Marsta & LOK beats. Heavy still.

Unknown Date; Mak10 ft Stormin, Sharky Major & Ghetto
Hold tight Mak10 yeah. Too sick.

12th October

17/04/05, Jammer Vs Wiley
Quality isn't brilliant and I wouldn't say it's a serious clash by any stretch but the set delivers what it says.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Didn't realise this wasn't updating automatically.

12th October

Sorry about the hiatus; internet issues. Just one today but more throughout the coming week.

17/04/05, Jammer Vs Wiley
Quality isn't brilliant and I wouldn't say it's a serious clash by any stretch but the set delivers what it says.

18th September
Plastician Old School Show
"He's having a barbecue today... Mate, you should have went to Morley's." Don't know the date, worth it for the Whitney Houston/Creeper bootleg alone.
13/03/05, Roll Deep
Roachee, Trim, Meridian, Ruff Sqwad, Maximum on decks. Just click the link innit.

13/03/05, Bossman
It's Bossman on his ones. Badman DJ don't get it twisted.
11th September
PAUG Vs Heartless (Clash)
Full clash and the sets before and after. There's a quick More Fire crew PA sandwiched in between the clash and Heartless performing at the end as well.

PAUG, 11/03/01; Geeneus on deck with Wiley, Major Ace & Plague
This set's effectively 80 minutes of spitting bar one or two vocals, garage era rhythms of course.
10th September
17/12/04; Fire Camp, East Connection & Kidz In The Hood on Ave It FM
06/04/1999, NASTY on Flava; Hyper, Stormin, Sharky Major & DEE
rapidshare only temporarily
When DEE had his old MCing voice, set's big. There's another couple of Nasty sets from around this era in the Garage Days section. The energy on this is very different than the grime ones, not that that's a bad thing at all.

Hype Squad, Gutter Vol 1 studio set
Great set, although it's only 1 side of the tape as the other is just incomprehensible.

Hype Squad, Unknown Station (although probably Rawmission);
Sloth, Sparkler, 2za, Trigger, Ceaza, Wunda kid, Jiggalo & Slider.
Hype Squad are criminally underrated to be honest. More sets coming soon, hopefully enough for a little section for them innit.

17/12/04, Logan Sama ft Wiley, God's Gift & Trim (Rinse FM)
Interesting set this, where all three MCs end up behind the decks at one point or another. Few more sets coming from Logan's time on Rinse shortly.

6th September
Heartless Crew on Freek FM; Slimthing ft Forcer, Mighty Mo & Preshus
Good set this, more garage vibes & vocals with it being Heartless Crew obviously. You can tell it's old because they go over "I Like To Move It" without any indication of irony.
Hold tight Trouble, big time.